“Serving Montgomery county since 2001”

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Address: 15303 Chinaberry St.

North Potomac, MD 20878

Phone: 240-447-9498

Hours: Monday to Friday

7:30 AM - 5:30 PM

Welcome to Zhilla's Daycare Center

At Zhilla’s Daycare Center, we provide a loving environment for every child. Our program uses screened caring professionals, in an understanding environment that contributes to development and all well being of each child. We communicate regularly with parents, adapt to their needs and concerns and strive to be a positive influence in the development of each child.

We at Zhilla’s Daycare Center are parents and educators who believe all children have a right to respect, understanding, and nurturing. Children are in an environment that is safe yet stimulating, with a curriculum that challenges them through creativity, self-choice, and learning through play.

Zhilla’s Daycare Center supports the following philosophy about children and their growth:

  • To provide a safe, loving and caring childcare service that will stimulate learning experiences for each child under our care.
  • Each child learns in different ways, at different speeds, by different methods, all according to their age.
  • To facilitate and develop the child: mentally, physically, socially, and emotionally.
  • To respect, recognize, and strive to meet the individual needs of each child.
  • To maintain a strong relationship with the parents of each child, and maintain sensitivity to their preferences and concerns.
  • To continually exceed standards of care so that we provide the best possible service to the community we serve.

Our Mission Statement

Zhilla’s Daycare Center is fully committed to providing a safe, loving, and stimulating childcare environment for infants, toddlers and young children in the community. You will find our day care facility in North Potomac, Maryland. Visit us soon!


Parent Testimonials

As a parent, one can understand it is very difficult to place their first child in the hands of another person. Ideally my husband would have loved for me to stay at home with our child, but it was unfortunately I had a job that I loved and didn’t want to give up. Having visited multiple daycare facilities, we knew Zhilla's Daycare Center was the place for our child after speaking with Zhilla about how her daycare was operated and watching the interaction among everyone.

Our son, Parker, who is currently 3 and 1/2 years old, has been attending her daycare since a very young 2 months of age. l was attracted to her daycare because Zhilla appeared to be a caring and capable provider, and l was correct indeed. Thus, I felt assured that my son would be in good care while my husband and l were working. Zhilla and her daycare provides excellent care. She and her two teachers are caring, warm and work very hard. She provides a semi-structured care, considering the age ranges of the children, while balancing home and instructional atmospheres. Moreover, she promotes learning, play, and proper behaviors. This has been the perfect environment for our rather apprehensive son, as Zhilla has provided him with the attention he needs to feel secure.

As working parents, it is hard to find a place where you can provide a comfortable and secure environment for the children; however, we have found that place with Mrs. Zhilla Kazerooni. I am writing this letter to let other parents and schools know that this is the best daycare in the Montgomery County, Maryland.Our daughters, Chloe (3 years old) and Renee (6 years old) Jun have been under the care of Zhilla since June of 2004. Renee had been with Zhilla when she was l year old and stayed until she turned to 3 years old (2006).During that time, I watched her thrive from the love, attention and education provided by Zhilla. Each child at Zhilla’s Daycare was treated like family and the children knew it. They all appeared to feel very secure and my daughter always looked forward to going there each morning.

Our daughter, Shea, has been going to Zhilla Kazerooni’s daycare since she was 3 months old. She is now 2 1/2 years old. As a working mother and parent to three daughters, the oldest now 15, l have a long experience with daycare. i can honestly say in all my experience, the others pale in comparison. Zhilla provides a safe, clean, and nurturing environment for preschool children of all ages- She embraces each child’s individuality and never uses a harsh word 'or behavior to discipline. Each day our daughter is greeted and sent home with a huge smile and a hug. Zhilla treats each child as if they were her own.

We are extremely happy with the childcare that our son has received while in Zhilla's care. Zhilla has been our son's childcare provider for three and a half years. Since day one, Zhilla has provided a safe, clean, and nurturing environment. Our son truly enjoys his time at Zhilla's and we trust Zhilla with the care of our son. She treats the children like her own, showering them with affection, instilling good eating habits, manners, and respect for others.Zhilla currently has two assistants who are a great addition and provide wonderful care. Zhilla is very conscientious about her staff; hiring qualified and certified childcare providers that provide constant attention and high quality childcare to the children.

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