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Infant Care

infant drawingZhilla’s Daycare Center understands the need for parents to provide their little ones the best of comfort that they can afford. To do this, most households would have to require both parents to work to afford the lifestyle they want or to save for the immediate future. Most parents then go through the struggle of looking for the best strategy on how to make sure that their babies or infants can be cared for during the time that they are out for work.

Our infant care program is the perfect answer to your caregiving concern. As a child center, we see to it that parents can be confident in leaving their children with us. We hire only the most qualified and trustworthy care providers that we, ourselves, can also trust. Here in Zhilla’s Daycare Center, we are also parents, teachers, and friends of moms that is why we understand the real concern for child safety and wellness. That is why we don’t only screen our care providers but we also make sure that our facility is safe, secure, clean, and over-all baby-friendly.

Since parents are the ones who know their babies best, we adjust to your preset activities and schedules to make sure that your baby’s routine will not be interrupted while they are under our care. In addition to that, we will also make sure that when they are already ready for stimulating and learning activities, we can provide the right avenue and the appropriate recreation that will allow them to learn while having fun.

For more information about our infant care program, you may visit our center at 15303 Chinaberry St., North Potomac, MD 20878. You may call us to set an appointment so we can also take you to a tour around our center.