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Infant (6 weeks – 2 years)

Infants are born with a natural wonder and yearning of how the outside world is like. Even when they are just a few days old, they start to discover and explore simple things from the simple sights that they see, the giggling and the hush that they hear, and even the softest feel of touch that they experience. In Zhilla’s Daycare Center, we want to provide the perfect avenue for our babies to learn, discover, and develop in a secure and nurturing environment. We make sure that we attend to their delicate and basic needs and feed them with great positivity through music, literature, and warm interaction.

Even at an early age, we try to introduce them to basic learning subjects like language (spoken, read, or non-verbal) and music. This way, we maximize their mental development as we keep ourselves at pace with their progress and milestones. You can trust that we put our best teachers under our infant care program to make sure that our babies will receive the most loving, compassionate, and skilled caring that they can get from us here in Zhilla’s Daycare Center.


We are all familiar with how toddlers are so eager to discover the world around them. And because of this passion, we would have to be firm in how we react towards their clamor for more independence and desire for self-learning and exploration. Here in Zhilla’s Daycare Center, you will find the perfect avenue for your toddlers to learn and unravel the world around them in safe, secure, caring, and guiding environment. Our programs will ensure that your toddlers will not be suppressed in expressing themselves, practicing their freedom, and enjoying their childhood years. The curriculum we have adopted ensures that children grow up to be:

  • responsible – knows about simple house chores and can accomplish simple personal tasks;
  • self-reliant – knows how to look after himself/herself and others;
  • demonstrative – can very well express his/her feelings and ideas;
  • learned – have been exposed to basic and fundamental instructions that are useful in his daily life.