“Serving Montgomery county since 2001”

Child Education And Safety At Their Best

Address: 15303 Chinaberry St.

North Potomac, MD 20878

Phone: 240-447-9498

Hours: Monday to Friday

7:30 AM - 5:30 PM

Parent Access/Discipline

Parent Access

Parents have access Zhilla’s Day Care Center in a variety of ways.

  • Parent-Staff email, telephone and in person communication
  • Classroom Visits
  • In-Class & Field Trip Participation
  • Annual Program Evaluation by Parents
  • Parent-Teacher Meetings

Parent Communication

Parent communication can take place at arrival & departure, or through e-mail & phone calls. Near the entrance is our parent communication area where you’ll find:

  • Daily attendance sheets
  • Weekly lunch & snack menus
  • Notices of upcoming events
  • Highlights of the children’s day
  • Message notebook
  • Basket for notes & forms for the director


We try to stress two main patterns of behavior:

  • Respect for other people.
  • Respect for property.

As a result, we don’t allow children to hit or shove other children or verbally abuse them.

The kid is studyingOur understanding of discipline is “Mostly what we do to encourage good behavior”.

In our day care we feel it is very important to have an environment that is comfortable and conductive to learn for all children. To provide this opportunity for all children in day care, we set limits for children. The children who are hurtful in an appropriate manner will be redirected a more appropriate manner, by talking to them, advise them and proper encouragement.

We try to build the right relationship with a child more than using right techniques.