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Address: 15303 Chinaberry St.

North Potomac, MD 20878

Phone: 240-447-9498

Hours: Monday to Friday

7:30 AM - 5:30 PM


toddlers sittingToddlerhood is one of the most exciting developmental phase of our children’s lives. That is why we want to provide them with the best activities and the most stimulating channels for growth to maximize their development. As much as all of us want to achieve this at home, circumstances might hinder some of us to provide our desired level of care and tutelage to our children on our own.

Zhilla’s Daycare Center understands this frustration in some parents that is why we provide them with the best alternative. We offer a quality and safe toddler care center where parents can leave off their kids during the daytime to allow them to be cared for, supervised, and have fun with peers while they leave for work or attend to other priorities. You can trust that your child will be looked after by no less than skilled, experienced, and thoroughly credentialed care providers and teachers who will be in charge of making sure that your children will be safe, fed, cleaned, monitored, entertained, and taught while under our roof.

Our toddler care program is composed of light, exciting, fun activities that children will surely enjoy and look forward to everyday. Aside from that, we also make sure that they do not get to develop their motor ability, and intellectual skills alone but that they also catch good values, proper manners, and life lessons through the environment that we will foster in the center.

Trust in us to help you raise respectful, well-mannered, and smart individuals in the future through our toddler care program here in Zhilla’s Daycare Center. We look forward to meeting you in our campus soon. Set an appointment for a facility tour by calling us at 240-447-9498.