“Serving Montgomery county since 2001”

Child Education And Safety At Their Best

Address: 15303 Chinaberry St.

North Potomac, MD 20878

Phone: 240-447-9498

Hours: Monday to Friday

7:30 AM - 5:30 PM


children sitting infront of their computerZhilla’s Daycare Center knows how parents value education, especially when it comes to their own children’s education. So in our efforts to assist you in raising and educating your children, we offer our preschool program to give you children an edge early on.

Early childhood education is very fundamental in your children’s academic journey. So we make sure that we adopt a curriculum that will surely be beneficial in his learning yet, at the same time, appropriate for this developmental stage. The last thing we want is to rob children of their childhood. That is why our programs here in Zhilla’s Daycare Center are not all about academic subjects but we also made sure to put emphasis on honing other skills like arts, music, and dance through fun and learning activities.

Our center has been checked and approved by regulating bodies to be safe for children. So you can trust that your children are safe in our center, especially during active playtime. We made sure that they have enough room to discover and explore to facilitate self-learning. We also make sure that they are well-nourished by giving them meals which are not just nutritious but delicious to their picky taste. Our center is prepared for sudden emergencies like accidents and injuries and our team is always ready to facilitate first aid or CPR in the mini-clinic we have provided.

In Zhilla’s Daycare Center, you will see that your child has everything he/she needs in a school or even in a home. With our compassionate and skillful teachers and care assistants, you can be at peace knowing that your child is in good hands. Take a tour in our facility today to see for yourself our brand of teaching and caring to those we consider “our” children.